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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the station handle electronic billing?
    Yes, Playamar Stereo meets all the requirements demanded by the DIAN to electronically invoice our clients.
  • How is the sound broadcasting service classified?
    The public sound broadcasting service is classified based on the following criteria: Service management; Programming guidance; Level of coverage, and transmission technology. In turn, these criteria are classified as follows: - According to Service Management: In direct and indirect management. Direct Management is one where the State provides the Sonoran Radio Broadcasting Service through public entities duly authorized by the ministry of law or through a license granted directly by the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies. Indirect Management is one where the State provides the Sonoran Radio Broadcasting Service through private Colombian natural or legal persons, prior concession granted by the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies. - According to the programming orientation: In Commercial Broadcasting, Public Interest Broadcasting and Community Broadcasting. - According to the Level of Coverage: In restricted local, zonal and restricted zonal coverage. - According to the transmission technology: In AM Radio Broadcasting, FM Radio Broadcasting and New Technologies. Chapter II of Resolution 415 of 2010 " Regulations for the sound broadcasting service
  • How can I see my customer invoice?
    We are committed to providing facilities to our customers, for this reason, we have enabled a platform where you can view the status of your account or billing online. To enter, click on the Option Customer Area located on the main page or do click here.
  • What rules regulate the sound broadcasting service?
    The rights, guarantees and duties provided for in the Political Constitution, Law 80 of 1993, Law 1150 of 2007, Law 1341 of 2009 modified by Law 1978 of 2019, Decree 1078 of May 26, 2015 "By which the Single Regulatory Decree of the Information and Communications Technology Sector is issued", Resolution 415 of 2010: "Regulation of the Sound Broadcasting Service" and the national technical plans for sound broadcasting in AM and FM adopted by the Government.
  • What is meant by sound broadcasting?
    Sound broadcasting is a public telecommunications service, run and owned by the State, aimed at satisfying the telecommunications needs of the inhabitants of the national territory and whose broadcasts are intended to be received by the general public.See: Article 3 of Resolution 415 of 2010 "Regulation of the sound broadcasting service"
  • What are broadcast services?
    Broadcast services are those in which the communication is emitted from the same point to be received at several points simultaneously. These include sound radio broadcasting and television.
  • What is a community radio station for?
    A Community Station is an instance of community participation in local socioeconomic and cultural processes. In this sense, the Station must be a place of meeting and dialogue for the different sectors that make it up. Its creation stimulates:
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