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Regulations - Sound Broadcasting in Colombia

We present to you   the regulations  that govern  to the  Sound Broadcasting Sector in Colombia 

  • Law 1341 of 2009. "By which Principles and concepts on the information society and the organization of Information and Communications Technologies -ICT- are defined, the National Spectrum Agency is created and other provisions are issued"

  • Decree 4350 of November 9, 2009 "By which the unified regime of compensation is established, for concessions, authorizations and permits regarding sound broadcasting services and other provisions are issued"

  • Resolution 415 of 2010 «By which the Regulations of the Sonora Radio Broadcasting Service are issued and other provisions are dictated.

  • Decree 195 of 2005 «By which limits of exposure of people to electromagnetic fields are adopted, procedures are adapted for the installation of radioelectric stations and other provisions are dictated.

  • Resolution 530 d 2011. "By which the deadline established in Resolution 415 of April 13, 2010, in its article No. 103, is extended for the update of Transmission System Coordinates for the current providers of the Commercial Sound Broadcasting Service."

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